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​ECSR Officials,

ECSR Registration will close June 15th. Registration is $100. Instructions are listed below on how to register.


For the new referees registering in 2024, you must order your Capelli uniforms through the link on the ECSR web site. Some of you have not ordered uniforms from Capelli and you received games in 2024. We have the list of all referees that purchased and those that have not please purchase now.


We will start assigning some of the Conferences this month. Update availability (block days or partial block and make sure to share this across all assignors)


We will have Spring games coming in, we will assign as we receive them. Spring games for all Conferences are mostly all local guys, no traveling or per diem and lower fees.

D1 fees: $200-$150-$150

D3 fees: $150-$100-$100

No 4th official


This is PRIVATE registration, which means ECSR registration is tied to the email address provided to RQ+ by ECSR. If you don't see the ability to register, email Christina Nelson at


Instructions to pay ECSR dues

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your email address and click “Continue” 

  3. Select "Other Governing Body" (Do not select NCAA or NAIA)

  4. Select ECSR

  5. Enter the requested information, including payment

  6. Every one will need to take the NCAA Background Check this year through Ref Quest, the cost is $100. Registration will open up in March. Without the background check we will not be able to give you any games in any Conference. If you are a NISOA member and you have taken the Background Check through RefQuest for NISOA, you don't have to take it again.


Registration for 2025 will open on December 1st, 2024.


Thank you!


ECSR Board

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