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ECSR Members,

In addition to having matches scheduled through RefQuest this season, your ESCR dues will be collected through the RefQuest system. This year's ECSR dues are $100. The instructions to pay your dues are outlined below. We are going to start assigning in February, in order to be assigned make sure you are registered as an ECSR Member. A background check is also required, this will be available through RefQuest in March.

**For anyone that has NOT been an ECSR Member in the past, please email Steve Siomos at to get approval to register. Make sure to include where you live (City and State) and your experience of what type of games you have officiated.

Instructions to pay ECSR dues

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your email address and click “Continue” 

  3. Select "Other Governing Body" (Do not select NCAA or NAIA)

  4. Select ECSR

  5. Enter the requested information, including payment

  6. Background Check 


Please contact RQ+ support with any questions, either by hitting the support button on the bottom left of the page or emailing

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