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Background Check

The Background Check is up and ready for 2022 on Arbiter. Chick the botton below. The ECSR is now requiring a yearly background check to be taken. If you plan to do playoff games for NCAA (soccer only) we will accept that background check. This is the ONLY other background check ECSR will accept. Without a background check, you will not be able to be assigned games. Please complete the check as soon as possible. The deadline to submit is May 1. The cost is $15 There are 5 steps to complete: Welcome information Personal Information Photo (optional) Background Check consent (there are 2 drop downs to choose yes I consent) Payment Once you have taken the Background Check, please go to your profile on the ECSR site, click Update Profile, there's a line at the bottom that says "I certify that I have passed the required background check for this season" with a checkbox next to it. Once checked, click "Update My Profile", and this will verify you have taken the check.