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ECSR Observers

Over the years, we, the ECSR, have been asked to observe many referees to gauge their performance. While it has been nearly impossible for us to watch every game, we have gathered some of the top people in the country to observe games that referees want to be observed on. These referees are former FIFA, professional referees, collegiate referees and have been administrators in their perspective states, as well as the national body of soccer. The responsibility falls on the referee. They will be responsible for the following; 1) Contacting the observer within a reasonable time frame 2) The game must be of a competitive quality for the collegiate level. The ECSR observation does not take the place of nor can be substituted in any form or fashion for use in any other organizations to meet their requirements. 3) The game must be on digital network that the observer has access to 4) The quality of the video must be a professional standard and not one of 1 camera at half field 5) The referee is responsible for payment of 200.00 per game by video and or 200.00 per game plus all expenses, including miles, per diem and hotel if referee so chooses to have the observer on site rather than watching via internet. The per diem rate is 100.00 per day 6) If the game is canceled due to inclement weather and the observer is on site, the referee is responsible for any mileage, hotel and per diem owed. 7) The observer will rate the referee and give an acceptable or NA grade. The observer, once finished, will send their report to the ECSR marking what level they feel you are capable of, i.e.; D1 men, D1 women, etc. 8) The referee will send the observer the fee and once upon receipt, they will release their findings. We know that there are many good referees out there and this is a way for us to get “eyes” on those referees. This does not guarantee that you will receive games in the conferences assigned by ECSR, but the information we receive will be shared with other conferences as well as the NCAA

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