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Our Mission 

Our mission is to empower collegiate soccer referees to excel in their roles by providing a supportive and dynamic environment that fosters continuous learning and growth. Through cutting-edge educational opportunities, such as interactive clinics, seminars, and the latest technological tools, we aim to equip referees with the skills and knowledge needed to make accurate and fair decisions on the field. Our goal is to cultivate a community of highly skilled referees who are committed to delivering exceptional officiating experiences for players, coaches, and fans alike.


Benefits of ECSR Membership

How to join the ECSR Starting in 2024, the ECSR is changing the way we register our members. Going forward, referees will register each year, at a cost of $100. Registration will be open January 2nd. Once registered, you will be able to sign up for a camp without additional cost. You can register by visiting RefQuest Camps will be required annually for D1 Center Referees, and all other members must attend every other year. Registration for each camp will close 1 week before the camp date, so we have adequate time to prepare materials. Walk-ins will not be accepted. The ECSR will still be offering insurance for its members. The ECSR supports its members and believes that it's important for our members to be covered while out on the field.Assignors/Observers/Directors and Officers of the ECSR and any other Organization that is a Member of the ECSR now have Liability Insurance. Coverage is 1 million Personal and ADV Injury, 3 million General Aggregate, $25,000 Injury. Last, mandatory background check through NCAA/NAIA. Registration fee is $100 for NCAA only. If you sign up only for NAIA it's $60. If you combine both its $150 no matter what conference or what level, everyone MUST take the Background Check to be considered for games in 2024. Make sure to consent to the background check AND choose all the conferences that ECSR assigns.



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